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The user makes the decision to play Lord of the Ocean online when they want an enthralling and exciting playing experience. The game offers a combination of a fantastic and very imaginative theme presented with crystal clear graphics and smooth sound.

The game play that players can expect to find when they play Lord of the Ocean online is also excellent as it offers a medium sized slot format with three fun bonuses. The theme of the game is a fantasy adventure set deep under the ocean which is a wonderful location to base a slot.


The fantasy adventure tells the story of a magical underwater kingdom where a sea king and queen rule with an iron fist. The player takes on the role of an explorer trying to find the mystical green gem.

The sea king and sea queen are also on the hunt for this mystical object so it creates an interesting race to find the gem first. The player also has the chance to find the sunken treasure when they play Lord of the Ocean online and the statue of the ancient sea god is also out there to be found.

Play with an amazing theme

The theme is an obvious highlight for players who choose to play Lord of the Ocean online as it is incredibly exciting. The fantasy adventure game also cleverly shares its name with a very famous fantasy movie trilogy and fans of the movies will like the detail.

The theme is a massive highlight for players and the visual and sound effects present this brilliantly. The visual effects of the slot game are of the highest possible standard as they produce the background, symbols and the title text that looks excellent on the screen.

The background players will find when is of the highest standard as it is a deep blue sea colour with colourful images displayed at the top of the screen. The images are of a sunken ship and underwater city with fish swimming all over the screen.


The symbols in Lord of the Ocean online are a mixture of the traditional and themed variety, the traditional symbols are then 10, J, Q, K and A. The traditional symbols are all presented in bold italics with a coloured glow coming off the symbols which looks excellent.

The themed symbols represent different characters including the sea king, sea queen, statue and the sunken treasure. The different themed symbols in the game are animated in great style and when they are involved in creating a winning line they do a 3D movement.

The 3D movement in the case of the sea king involves him arching his head back and waving his hair in the wind which is very visually appealing for players. The title text that players will see is in a style that recreates the very popular movie trilogy.

This means that players will instantly think of this smash film trilogy when they see the text which is an excellent effect. The sound effects player can expect to hear when they play Lord of the Ocean online are of the highest standard as it enhances the games nautical feel.

Sound effects

The different bonus features have their own sound effects that are played to create more excitement for the player. The games different winning lines also have their own sound effect that is played to signify they have been rolled into the reels.

The gameplay players is a highlight of the slot game due to the exciting fast flowing format and bonuses available. The format slot game is a five reel and ten win line set up where players have a choice of spinning the reels with up to ten win lines active.

Ten win lines is a fairly moderate amount for players to choose from meaning that players of all levels of experience will be able to enjoy the game. The more win lines that the player spins the reels with means the more chance they have of winning.

Bonus features

The first bonus players can find is the scatter bonus that is activated when the player spins in three or more of the gems at any one time. The scatter feature awards ten free spins to the player where they can dramatically increase their winnings.

The player before the ten free spins nominates a special symbol and if this symbol is spun into the screen during the free spins then a special payment if awarded.

Substitute bonus

The second bonus that players can use to help them boost their prize fund is the substitute bonus which is represented by the same gem symbol. The gem symbol has the ability to swap into any other symbol on the board to help create a winning line combination.

Gamble feature

The third bonus feature is the gamble feature which is an optional bonus players can either accept or decline. The gamble feature, if accepted, present’s users with a chance fifty / fifty bet where they can either double or lose their prize fund.

The player needs to be brave to take on this bonus feature and use it to dramatically and quickly increase their winnings. The combination of the three bonuses makes for a very exciting slot game with some excellent winning potential.

The theme of the play Lord of the Ocean online game is excellent and players will really love the underwater location of the slot. The visual and sound effects that present the theme are of the highest standard and will completely absorb players into the story.