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One of the first things a gambler looks for when they decide to play and try to win some money is the payout percentage, also known as Return to Player(RTP). This statistic is an important figure as it shows what chance the player has of winning and how likely the slot game is to pay out. The payout percentage in Lord of the Ocean for online casinos is around 95% to 97% meaning players have an excellent chance of winning. The huge popularity of online casinos is down to a number of different reasons and one of these is the amazing payout percentage offered. The other reason for the huge success of online casinos is the fact that players can play the games from the comfort of their own home at any time of the night or day. The difference between the land based casino payout percentage and the online one is huge as land based casinos offer the rate at around 85%. The difference is a large one meaning that players will much rather gamble online where they stand a better chance of a good return on their investment.

Its only a figure

An important thing for players of the slot game to remember is that the payout percentage is only a figure and there are other factors that influence the player’s chances of winning. One of the most important factors affecting a player’s success is their skill and ability whilst playing the game. The player to swing the payout percentage in their favour should learn all of the games different rules and regulations. The player should also learn the layout of the slot game and where all the different buttons link to so they become more successful when playing the slot. The game features three different bonus features that the player needs to master if they want to shift the RTP in their favour. The game has numerous different playing strategies that can be adopted if the player wants to move the RTP in their favour. The other crucial element affecting a player’s success when playing the slot game is the frame of mind a player is in when they spin the reels. The player needs to be in calm, clear and cool one if they are to make good judgments and decisions.

Payout percentages are checked and regulated

The RTP are all regulated by large government organisations that check the rates and ensure players are offered a fair and safe playing environment. The casinos that have their payout percentage  checked and regulated are issued with a certificate which proves they are a respected and trusted organisation. The large certificate displays the payout rate clearly and is shown on the casinos homepages so it is easily visible for all players. The players will be able to trust the online casinos much more easily and be happier to play once they see this official certificate. The payout percentage can be altered monthly by the casinos so players should keep continually monitoring the rates to ensure that they receive the best deal. The rate is of paramount importance to players as it directly contributes to how much a player can possibly win when they play at the casino. The organisations that monitor and regulate the casinos over there are of the highest possible integrity and are guaranteed to look after players interests.

The payout percentage of Lord of the Ocean online in favour of online casinos is only around 3% to 5% meaning that the casinos profit made on each player is very low. This low figure means that casinos need to get a high volume of players to make it profitable. The higher the volume of players in the online casinos means the more money will be turned over. It is very possible for these casinos to gain a huge volume of players as the internet allows the casino to be available in all different locations. The payout percentage in the case of land based casinos is around 15% meaning that the mark up in these casinos on every player is much higher than online. The reasons in the large difference between land based and online casinos are the much higher operating costs land based casinos have. These high operating costs include rates, rent, staffing and the higher taxes. The difference in the payout percentage is large so players cannot be blamed for wanting to play where they are offered the best possible rates.


The overall conclusion clearly shows that players will rather be playing online than in land based casinos due to the huge difference in rates. The rate is only one of the advantages offered by online casinos as they are also much more convenient for players. An important fact players must remember is that the payout percentage is only a figure and a player’s skill and tactics can dramatically affect this figure. This fact means that players should practice their playing skills and try to use more aggressive playing strategies to become more successful. The first thing players should look for when researching where to play the game is the payout percentage as regulated casinos have a certificate proving their rate. The player should also constantly monitor this RTP so that the rate they choose to play with is the most advantageous. The online casino recommended in this internet guide is fully regulated and offers an excellent rate to its players. If players would like to try this exciting game at this recommended casino please click on the link provided.