Novoline Lord of the Ocean

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The Novoline brand of casino slot games have been around for many years and were a regular sight in land based casinos. The inception of the internet meant that these exciting slot games were moved from land based casinos and made available on an online platform. One of the first games to be moved online was the Lord of the Ocean online slot which is a very exciting fantasy themed adventure based under the sea. The range of games in the Novoline range are all designed on different themes and concepts so that as many types of players are targeted with a game that is of interest to them. The different themes in the Novoline range are the action and adventure, historic, animated and traditional games. The Novoline Lord of the Ocean game is a themed slot targeted at players who enjoy fantasy stories and movies as these types of people will love the story behind this slot game. The story that the game designers created for Lord of the Ocean features an underwater kingdom ran by a wicked sea king and queen and a missing mysterious green gem. The green gem in the game has mystical powers and the game centres on the search for this object.

Lord of the Ocean storyline

The player is placed into the shoes of a brave undersea explorer who is trying to find the green gem. The explorer wants to find this green gem to release the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom from the evil sea king and queen’s power. The evil sea king and queen are also searching for this object adding to the excitement of the game. If players get tired of the story in the Lord of the Ocean game there are many more games in the range to try with different themes. An example of an action and adventure game is the Book of Ra title that places players on a trip into ancient Egyptian mythology to find a powerful book. The book holds the whereabouts of the pharaohs treasure which can lead the player to becoming very wealthy. Lord of the Ocean is set in an underwater location which is very popular with players as this is a highly desired place for people to visit. The location is an important factor benefiting player’s enjoyment of game as players like being immersed underwater.

Lord of the Ocean theme

This incredible theme, storyline and the location where Lord of the Ocean is based are presented to players in amazing visual and sound effects. The visual effects of the slot include several different elements namely the background, symbols and the title text. The title text is detailed in a gold italic font which looks fantastic and very powerful at the top and centre of the games screen. The symbols used slot are extremely visually appealing and feature the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A symbols that are displayed with a coloured glow. The traditional symbols are very bold and stand out from the screen really nicely. The themed symbols include the sea king, sea queen, statue, green gem and the treasure. These different symbols are all beautifully well animated in vibrant colours and look fantastic when they arrive on the reels. The background of the slot is a deep blue colour to present the games underwater location to players and the background includes several themed images. The images include some underwater building and lots of fish which really enhance the games theme to players.

Lord of the Ocean gameplay

The gameplay of the Novoline Lord of the Ocean slot is ultimately the most important part of the game for players as this controls how much and how easily they can win money. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line set up where players have the ability to choose how many win lines they would like to play with. The more win lines the player plays the game with means the higher their chances are of winning. The more win lines that are selected also means the higher the cost of the spin is for players. The overall aim of Lord of the Ocean is to line up five of the same symbols adjacently from the left to right across the five reels. The various symbols all pay out different amounts to the player and these can be studied in the games pay table. The slot has three different bonuses available to players and these are the scatter, substitute and the gamble bonus. The scatter and substitute bonuses in the slot are both represented by the green gem symbol.

Lord of the Ocean bonus feature

The scatter symbol in the Lord of the Ocean game is activated by the player spinning in three of the gem symbols onto the screen at one time. The bonus when activated results in ten free spin’s being awarded to the player which has the potential to be very lucrative. The substitute bonus has the potential to greatly increase players winning chances. The green gem symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to increase player’s chances of creating a winning line. The final bonus is the gamble feature which can dramatically and quickly increase a player’s prize fund. The bonus is an optional one that players can either accept or decline, if the player accepts the feature they have to make a chance fifty / fifty bet. The chance fifty / fifty bet results in the player either doubling or losing their prize fund making this a very risky bonus. The combination of the bonus features and the fast paced slot format make for an excellent playing experience in the Novoline Lord of the Ocean game.