Lord of the Ocean Video Slot

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The Lord of the Ocean video slot offers players a fantastic themed playing experience based on a fantasy adventure in a world deep under the sea. The slot offers an incredibly exciting storyline and theme presented in market leading visual and sound effects that bring the slot game to life.

A survey was conducted with players from around the world from different backgrounds and genders asking what their favourite parts of the game were. The players who were asked all said the main important attributes effecting their enjoyment of Lord of the Ocean are the visual and the sound effects, the theme and the game play.

Theme, visuals and sound effects

The theme of the Lord of the Ocean online was a huge highlight for players asked in the survey who all thought it was very involving and exciting. The theme is a fantasy story about an underwater kingdom and the search for a mystical green gem.

The lost green gem is rumored to be very powerful and bring its holder huge amounts of power. The player is placed in a race through the underwater kingdom with the evil sea king and queen to find this powerful object.

The various players in the survey all found the story and theme very involving and exciting. The themed game also presents some very interesting characters including the sea king and queen that really raises the user’s interest in the game.

The next very important element for players after the theme is the visual and the sound effects. The survey that was conducted with players stated that the visual and sound effects are important as these are the physical elements that they are exposed to.

Players also said that the effects need to be good to successfully deliver the theme of the Lord of the Ocean video slot. The slots visual effects have three main components these include the background, title text and the symbols.

The background on the display in Lord of the Ocean is in keeping with the theme as it is a deep blue colour with images of fish and an underwater city in the distance. The background enhances the games theme for players and looks fantastic because of the quality of the images and the colours.

Symbols and their meanings

The symbols are a crucially important element of delivering a good visual effect to players. The game includes both the traditional and themed symbols, the traditional symbols include the 10, J, Q, K and A.

The themed symbols are the sea king, sea queen, treasure and the statute all of these themed symbols look fantastic with first class animated effects. The different themed symbols when they are involved in creating a winning action all perform a 3D movement that looks fantastic.

The players who were asked in the survey all said the symbols were a main visual highlight of the game for them. The title text in the Lord of the Ocean Video slot is also excellent as they are in a gold coloured Roman Italic font which looks fantastic on the reels.

The combination of the three visual effects combines masterfully well to deliver the games all absorbing theme. The sound effects are the next important element of a slots performance to a player.

The sounds that are played in the game are a mixture of nautical and aquatic tones which delivers the games theme masterfully.

The players asked in the survey all loved how the individual bonus features and win lines play their own sound effect when activated. The various players all confirmed that the most important part of a casino slot game is the game play offered to players.

The comments on the game play are all excellent due to the fast flowing medium sized slot format and fun bonuses. The format of the game is a five reel and ten win line system where players have the flexibility of playing with between one and ten win lines active.

The medium amount of win lines offered to player’s means the game is suitable for players of all different levels of experience. The Lord of the Ocean video slot has three bonuses that players in the survey all raved about as they have excellent winning potential.

Scatter Bonus, substitutes bonus and gamble bonus

The first of the features in Lord of the Ocean is the scatter bonus where players have to spin in three or more of the green gem symbols on the screen. The feature when activated awards the player with ten free spins which have the potential to really increase the player’s prize fund.

The second bonus is the much loved substitute bonus that dramatically increases player’s chances of creating a winning line. A winning line combination is lining up five of the same symbols across the five reels from the left to the right.

The different symbols in Lord of the Ocean all pay players a different amount so these should be studied in the games pay table. The substitute bonus is represented by the green gem symbol and this symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game.

The final bonus Lord of the Ocean is the gamble feature where players can double or lose their whole prize fund. The bonus is an optional one offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels.

The bonus if accepted is a high risk fifty / fifty bet, if guessed incorrectly the player loses everything and if correctly the player doubles their fund. The survey showed that players overall conclusion of the Lord of the Ocean video slot is it’s incredibly exciting and entertaining because of the theme, the visual and sound effects and the game play offered.

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