Games Lord of the Ocean

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The complete range of games from Novoline has been produced to present players with as much variety and choice as possible. This is done so that as many different types of players and their interests are catered for meaning Novoline as a brand reach higher player numbers and become more successful.

Lord of the Ocean online is a fantasy slot that is targeted towards fans of fantasy stories and movies. The other themes in the range include action and adventure, explorer, history and animated games.

The game presents a fantasy theme that is located underwater meaning it has added appeal for players. The underwater location is one that players will love as this is a place that covers the majority of earth’s surface.

People have very limited access to the world under the sea creating a large interest in the underwater world. Lord of the Ocean has a very similar name to the massively successfully fantasy movie trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’.

This similar name means that players will instantly think of these great films when they see the name of this slot.

Game Play

The gameplay is just as spectacular as the games theme and visual effects and offers players an excellent chance to win some really good money. The format of the slot is a five reel and ten win line game giving players a medium amount of choice over there win line selection.

The more win lines that the player chooses to spin the reels with the more chance they have of winning. The more win lines selected also means the more expensive the spin is for players so this is a decision that should be made carefully.


The overall aim for players is to line up five of the same symbols adjacently across the five reels to create a winning line. The different symbols in Lord of the Ocean slot all pay the players a different amount and these can be seen in the games pay table.

The pay table is accessed by pressing the pay table button at the bottom right of the games main screen. The slot features three different bonuses, the substitute, the scatter and the gamble bonus that can all increase players prize funds significantly.

The Substitute Bonus

The substitute bonus is represented by the green gem symbol and this has the power to swap with any other symbol on the board to create a winning line. This bonus can be influential in player’s chances of creating a winning line combination.

Scatter Bonus

The second feature in Lord of the Ocean is the scatter bonus which has the potential to reward players with large winnings. The scatter feature is also represented by the green gem symbol and the player needs to spin in three of these to the reels to activate the feature.

The feature when activated firstly nominated a special symbol for the player and then begins ten free spins. The ten free spins can really boost the player’s prize fund and if the nominated symbol manages to appear during the spins a special payment is made.

Gamble Feature

The final bonus up for grabs in Lord of the Ocean is the gamble feature which is an optional bonus players can either accept or decline. The gamble bonus slot takes the player to a new screen and shows them a deck of cards.

The player must then select the colour of the next card drawn from the deck of cards which is either black or red. This is essentially a fifty / fifty bet where the player can either double or lose their prize fund.

The game has these three very exciting bonuses for players to choose from and if players play them correctly they can win large amounts of money. The story places the player deep under the sea into a mystical kingdom run mercilessly by the sea king and queen.

The underwater kingdom has buried treasure hidden and also a magical green gem for the player to try and find. This amazing story in Lord of the Ocean is presented to players through first rate visual and sound effects.


The visual effects immerse the player into the fantasy theme through the background, title text and the symbols used. The background used in the slot is a deep blue colour with images of fish and an underwater city adding lots of value to the games theme for players.

The symbols used in Lord of the Ocean are the traditional 10, J, Q, K and A as well as the themed symbols the sea king, sea queen, statue and the buried treasure. The traditional symbols are nicely displayed with a colourful mystical glow coming from the symbols image.

The themed symbols are brilliantly well animated and look fantastic when they roll into the reels. The title text is very similar to the text of the smash movie trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’. The game shares a fantasy theme with these films so the similar title text is very fitting.

The three different visual elements fuse together to look excellent on the screen and deliver the games fantasy theme well. The sound effects in Lord of the Ocean are very important as they are a key physical element the player is exposed to.

The sound effects are all electronics tones that have a fitting aquatic feel to them. The various winning line combinations in this game all have a different sound that is played when they arrive on the reels. The combination of the game storyline, visual and sound effects and sensational game play make this game a true classic that players will love.

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